The 63rd single-seater designed and built by Scuderia Ferrari to take part in the Formula 1 World Championship is born out of a regulation change that is without precedent in this category of motor sport. Generally, in the past, regulations went in the direction of slowing down the cars. However, this year, the rule changes go in the opposite direction, meaning the cars have more aerodynamic downforce and more mechanical grip. Engine Capacity: 1600 cc Max revs: 15,000 Supercharging: Single Turbo Fuel flow: 100 kg/hr max Fuel capacity: 105 kg Configuration: V6 90° Cylinders: 6 Bore: 80 mm Stroke: 53 mm Valves: 4 per cylinder Injection: 500 bar — direct ERS System Battery energy (per lap): 4 MJ MGU-K Power: 120 kW MGU-K Max revs: 50,000 rpm MGU-H Max revs: 125,000 rpm Chassis in carbo
2017 Ferrari Formula 1 – Ferrari SF70H – 2017 F1 Season
Duration: 00:05:07