My heart breaks at 5:38… and I’m speechless at 9:45… Subscribe â-º University of the Arts London student Aaron Dunleavy tells the story of two teenage boys who skip school to embark on a dangerous adventure. As they wander the industrial landscape, they run into disabled young man at the side of a canal. The chance meeting turns the story from one of mischief and harmless childhood fun to one of abuse and bullying. They steal his food, taunt and bully him — each act one-upping the last. The events unfold with every uncomfortable escalation, until the trio end up at a lake for a very drastic finale. The film was made on a shoestring budget with a completely local cast improvising their lines. Used with permission from Aaron Dunleavy. Learn more at http
A film student made powerful short about the deadly consequences of bullying.
Duration: 00:12:24