Source: 7 News Brisbane (with additional follow up footage here: https:// Air Asia Flight D7237 Kuala Lumpur-bound departed from Perth at around 7am (WST) on 25th June 2017 (Sunday) was forced to turn back after experiencing massive shuddering on-board the flight with hundreds of passengers fearing for their lives. According to the pilot, the left engine seized up 90 minutes into the journey. Some passengers even saw metal flying out of the engine. An explosion was heard prior to the aircraft violently shaking. Many passengers were crying and pulled out life jackets from under their seats while others were sending out messages to their loved ones preparing for the worst. Fortunately the plane managed to return to Perth airport and landed safely with
Air Asia X Flight (Perth to KL) Shaking Violently – 359 Passengers On-Board Feared For Their Lives
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