Jason was Playing Soccer and was Scoring some Nice Goals with his Colors Soccer Balls! He missed once, and went to get the soccer ball! Then the bad Monkey came to play, Jason didn’t want the bad monkey to play with the soccer Balls so he took them and tried to crush them under the Car wheel! Have fun Watching! Learn Colors with Balloons Cars Race for Kids | Play Soccer with Colors Balls and Huge Soccer Ball https:// Bad Kid Steals M&M’s IRL and Learn Colors with Candy for Children, Toddlers and Babies https:// Bad Chicken Steals Surprise Eggs and Escape from Water Balloons Throwing IRL | Learn Colors for Kids https:// Toys Surprise Eggs Hunt Challenge for Kids Outdoor Playground
Bad Kid Soccer Balls were Crushed Under Car Wheel w/ Bad Monkey Play and Learn Colors Kids
Duration: 00:02:51

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