presents our Impressions of Gran Turismo Sport ( GT Sport) at E3 2017. John had the chance to drive Gran Turismo Sport prior to the Sony press conference and see where the Fall 2017 game is at. Besides getting to drive the game in all it’s glory on the PlayStation ( PS4 ) Pro at 4K, John was also able to try it out on the PSVR, which was a treat. Also a treat was John trying out the brand new Thrustmaster T-GT wheel. Watch to see his initial impressions of both the wheel and the game! Help out ISRTV by purchasing Amazon products through our store, it doesn’t cost you a thing! US: UK: Purchase a Thrustmaster T300 RS here: Purchase a Thrustmaster TX here: Purchase a Thr
Gran Turismo Sport 4K + PSVR + Thrustmaster T-GT E3 2017 Impressions
Duration: 00:08:47