In this video I show how to make (step by step tutorial) a no-sew pillow shaped like fidget spinner. Easy, cute and it actually spins! :) I start with drawing a fidget spinner pattern (for the pillow, of course) :) I used 6 printer paper sheets secured with tape for drawing, but newspaper will be fine too :) Ok, fabric… You can make this pillow out of an old sweatshirt (and you will need literary every part of it, as I show in the video). OR! Use any type of fabric. In my video I make it of fleece, but when I was inventing my fidget spinner pillow I made it of old non-stretch bedclothes. And it turned out cool! In this video I show a no-sew version of the pillow with just using a hot glue gun. But you can just sew all the parts. Although, if you will glue it as I did, then note how
How To Make Fidget Spinner Pillow – DIY Giant Fidget Spinner Pillow (No Sew)
Duration: 00:09:47