Ellie and I get asked this a lot. We’re not qualified to give a definitive answer, but here’s a conversation about our experiences study film production at university in London. Ellie’s video can be found HERE – https://youtu.be/-Nn6yJExZpI Thanks for checking this out! See you next week! Little disclaimer here: While I think it’s pretty clear that we’re talking about our own experiences, I want to restate that going to university is a biiiig ole decision! Do your research, look around, see what works for you. You can support me on Patreon HERE, if you feel so inclined – https:// Twitter – https://twitter.com/SuperSamStuff Instagram – https:// Last Video – https://youtu.be/ZQfR9hLptoU
Should I Go to Film School? – with DoYouKnowEllie
Duration: 00:10:59