prominent right-wing legal analyst told Fox News that major developments are imminent in the investigations into President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign. Former Judge Andrew Napolitano was asked by Shepard Smith whether he found the silence to be deafening. “To me it is, yes, it means something is coming,” Judge Napolitano suggested. Napolitano offered a historical analogy for understanding the broadening investigation. “With Clinton, it started out with the land deal and ended up with a blue dress,” Napolitano reminded. “Now they’re on to why was Michael Flynn fired,” Napolitano suggested. “Was it for a corrupt purpose or was it for a noble purpose?” The question of whether on not Michael Flynn lied to the FBI could have major repercussions on whether Flynn wil
‘Something is coming’: Fox News’ Napolitano hints that big Trump-Russia news is on the way
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